Reminder: How to check SGUL journal subscriptions

Here are some instructions for how to check whether SGUL subscribes to a journal  – in print and/or electronic format.

For most of our e-journals, when you are on-site at SGUL they authenticate by location ( IP address) so you will not need a username / password to open the full text article. Off-site you will need your SGUL username / password.

** For electronic: **

go to

in Title begins with, enter title eg Journal of Interprofessional Care

You should see
Journal of interprofessional care (1356-1820)
from 2000 to present in InformaWorld STM – NESLi2
from 2000 to 2008 in SwetsWise Online Content

So we have access electronically to this journal from two publishers which is fairly common. You can click on either link to navigate to the Journal home page, and then to the required article.

** For print: **

go to the Library Catalogue
in the journal title field, enter the journal title! eg

Journal of Interprofessional Care

click Search button
This should find this journal
Click Details button
Click Catalog Record tab

This will show print holdings:   6-17: 1992-2003

(ie our subs run from vol 6-17, which represents years 1992 – 2003, no current print subscription)

Please note!
This is the best method to use for electronic journals to ensure you access via the provider’s site that we subscribe to. Other providers may have the same journal title, for example the journal itself like the New England Journal of Medicine, but if we don’t buy through them then you won’t be able to access full text articles.