Library Main Entrance re-opens today & 24 hour access restored

We’re almost there…..the Library project is nearing completion and we thank you for your patience.

We’re glad to see that the new social learning space is already popular.

New developments:-

  • The new automatic entrance doors open (and close) today
  • The swipe entry access to the Computer Rooms is also working today

A few changes:-

  • Computer Rooms access – use the 24hour lift lobby entrance (not the main Library entrance) and you’ll need to scan your barcode to enter
  • Library access – only use the new main entrance (not the Computer Rooms entrance)
  • There is no connecting door between the Library and the Computing Rooms
  • To swipe through the turnstiles (entry and exit) use your ID card (barcode facing downwards)

We charge £1 for access if you cannot present your card.

We look forward to seeing you in the Library, and we hope you’ll continue to be patient as the new routines settle down.

Beth Adams

Library Services Manager


4 thoughts on “Library Main Entrance re-opens today & 24 hour access restored

  1. Gilly Querfurth November 5 2009 / 3:53 pm

    I like the new changes but not having the connecting door whilst the library is open is very frustrating. It means having to leave the computer room (and all my belongings) to get a book out. It also means that i actually have to take out a book i may just be using for research and if i have used up my quota of 10 books i will not be able to do that. So i suggest just the door should remain open during peak times since i do not have a laptop i can sit and use in the study areas.


  2. Sam Frewen November 5 2009 / 4:12 pm

    I do like the improvements that have been made to the library, but find the absence of a connecting door from the library quite inconvenient. It is useful to be able to bring books in to the computer area, whilst working on reports or assignment but do not always want to take out the books. It is also awkward if your quota of 10 books has been used up, yet you still need to take out a book in order to use it in the computer room.

    I would ask that this policy of no connecting door be reconsidered, to enable us to use books from the library at the computer desks during daytime hours.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon regarding the above matter.


  3. Beth Adams November 9 2009 / 12:14 pm

    Dear Gilly and Sam,

    Thanks for your comments – we’re glad the improvements are appreciated.

    We closed the connecting door to respond to the student feedback we had about noise.

    If the connecting door was open then everyone would have to enter via the new library gates. This would increase the numbers walking through the study space and could generate extra noise.

    We appreciate that it’s a bit of change so we’ve tried to make a few changes of our own to help you. The short loan books which previously could only be used within the four walls of the library. These books can now be borrowed for four hours. And by early 2010 – we will be offering some laptops for loan.

    As the new layout and entrances have only been up and running a week please bear with us. Would you consider commenting again in a few weeks?

    Thank you again for your feedback.

    Beth Adams
    Library Services Manager


  4. Beth Adams February 15 2010 / 6:15 pm

    Dear Gilly, Sam and Library Users,

    We’ve trialled closing the connecting door for 3 months.

    On balance, the improvement to the noise in the library has outweighed the benefits of opening up the door again. We have a greater number of comments about the noise on record than requests to reopen the connecting door.

    However, we realise that many of you like to combine book and PC use. We understand that you feel that the new arrangement makes that more difficult.

    So we launched our laptop loaning service in January to SGUL staff and students. These laptops are available on loan for 4 hour periods for use in the library, the group discussion rooms and/or outside the library in our social area. They have proved popular so far.

    Thank you.

    Beth Adams
    Library Services Manager


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