Self service book borrowing and returning has changed.

The library is introducing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in the books to make borrowing easier for you.

To borrow:

Scan your ID card

Place your unopened books  in the ‘V’ one at a time.

Wait for the ‘clunk’ sound.

When finished select ‘print receipt’, ‘email receipt’ or ‘no receipt’.

To return books: 

Select return on the screen.  

Place your unopened books one  at a time in the ‘V’. 

Wait for the ‘clunk’ sound.

Select ‘receipt’ or ‘no receipt’.

Put your books in the box to the right. 

Coming soon. 

Returning books

Returning your books will be even easier.

In December, to return your books you will drop them in the new returns slot under the plasma screen in the foyer. This will automatically discharge them from your card.

Self service fine payment.

In January you will be able to pay our fines without coming to the desk.

We are having self-service fine boxes installed next to the self-service machines. 

Please watch this space for more information.