RefWorks 2.0 – try out the new look

RefWorks is a Web-based application for storing, managing bibliographic reference and citing in Microsoft Word.

RefWorks 2.0 has all the same functionality as RefWorks “classic” but with an improved layout and navigation, making it easy to discover its features.  There are now buttons and quick links for common tasks, but all tasks are still available through the menus.

When you log in to your RefWorks account, you will be able to toggle between RefWorks Classic and RefWorks 2.0 by clicking the links in the upper right-hand corner.  RefWorks will remember your choice when you log out, but you will have access to both interfaces until the end of this year.

Note: Your references and database will be not be affected by these changes.

For online video showing you how to navigate the new RefWorks2.0 interface, click here.

To see the new training guide for RefWorks 2.0 go to the Library Website > How to…Guide > Help Sheets > RefWorks 2.0 [PDF]

RefWorks2.0 - the new interface