Quick Start Library Guide: 5 – Asking questions, getting help and having your say…

There is a lot to information take in during your first week, so we have picked out 5 things you need to know about the Library and each day this week we will tell you about a different aspect of the Library service through our blog.


5 – Asking questions, getting help and having your say…

Speak to us at the Library Helpdesk

Staffed Monday – Friday              8am – 6pm
We can help with queries about your Library record, printing account and photocopying.


Drop-in to the Research Enquiries Office

Open Monday – Friday                 11am – 5pm
Speak to a librarian for help and advice on searching for information, accessing resources and referencing.


Make an appointment with your Liaison Librarian

You will meet your Liaison Librarian at your Library Induction and training sessions throughout your course. You can also make an appointment with them for one to one help at any time during your studies at SGUL. For contact details please refer to your library induction guide, or ask at the Library Helpdesk.

So don’t be a stranger, if you have any questions then please ask!


Have your say

We welcome your views: if you would like to give us any feedback or suggestions, please email: library@sgul.ac.uk or fill in a comments form at the Library Helpdesk.