New to SGUL Library – access to the Neuroscience journals backfile collection

The Library has purchased the Neuroscience backfile collection giving us access to the very first issues of over 40 Neuroscience journal titles.  Popular titles include:

  • European Journal of Pharmacology (1967-)
  • Brain Research (1966-)
  • Neuroscience (1976-)
  • Neuroscience Letters (1975-)
  • Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (1979-)
  • Progress in Neurobiology (1973-)
  • Trends in Neurosciences (1978-)
  • Neuropharmacology (1970-)

All are available via the Journals A-Z list on the Library website (through the ScienceDirect interface).

What is a backfile?

A backfile refers to the older content of a journal (pre-1995).  Back in the days before the internet, journals were published on paper only.  Publishers are in the process of digitising this content and this is often made available as a backfile – an electronic collection of the older issues of a journal – for Libraries to purchase.

Why does the Library purchase backfiles?

  • To provide you with access to more content
  • To enrich our existing collection
  • Print journals take up a lot of space (which could be put to better use – the current Library refurbishment  for example will create more silent study spaces).  Where possible SGUL Library purchases the e-version rather than the print copy.

If you have any questions or comments about using our journals, please email