New Silent and Quiet Study Spaces Now Open!

The new silent and quiet study spaces are now open! Do come and have a look and make the most of these open, bright study areas.

The whole space has been transformed by the relocation of the majority of the print journal stock, allowing us to maximise the use of the space for individual study.  The area has WiFi throughout as well as some desks with fixed data points (ethernet cables to connect your laptop directly to the network, rather than using WiFi).  Power sockets are available at over 100 desks.

There are over 200 study spaces with a mixture of fixed and adjustable seating, as well as six height adjustable desks.  Our Research Enquiries Desk is located in the Quiet Zone, staffed by a Librarian between 11am-4pm Monday-Friday.

We hope you enjoy using this space and look forward to receiving your feedback and comments.

Slideshow of images showing the transformation of the study space.

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One thought on “New Silent and Quiet Study Spaces Now Open!

  1. lr December 9 2012 / 9:16 pm

    Looks great but with no double glazing the area is FREEZING! Too cold for studying!


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