Search 25

Search 25 ( is a new regional resource discovery tool run by the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries, which comprises the collections of almost sixty world renowned institutions across London and the South East. It allows you to search their Library catalogues simultaneously, the idea being that with a SCONUL card you can then visit a library and use its resources having discovered that the institution holds what you are looking for before you travel. There is a video explaining this process, which they term ‘library hopping’ on the Search 25 homepage. Before travelling to another participating library, you need to obtain a SCONUL card; you can apply for one by filling in a form available at the St George’s Library Helpdesk. Also, check with the library to which you wish to use before you go as some places have different conditions to others.

There is more information about Search 25 at the Library Helpdesk; please feel free to ask for further details.