CRIS Upgrade – What’s New?

SGUL’s CRIS (Current Research Information System) will be unavailable between the 16th – 18th September while a major upgrade takes place.

Here’s a preview of how the landing page will look when you log in after the upgrade:

screenshot of new CRIS homepage

What’s new and what’s different?

The interface is refreshed, with improved navigation options showing down the left hand side as well as along the top (1 & 2).

The area on your home page showing ‘Collaborators at SGUL’ now shows as a chord diagram of ‘Co-authorships at SGUL’ (3).

When you click on the link to manage your publications (4), those previously listed as ‘Approved’  are now listed as ‘Mine’, and those previously listed as ‘Declined’ are now listed as ‘Not mine’.

There are options to filter results on the left hand side of your publication lists.

On the individual publication records, where a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is present , an Altmetric badge with score will be shown. Find out more about the Altmetric score and how it is calculated

If the publication record contains a citation from the Web of Science, where there is a citation count for the article, this will be displayed.

The user profile page is improved.

Updated guides will be available following the upgrade via the Help link in the CRIS, and via the Library webpage at:  (SGUL login required to access the guides).

If you have any queries or feedback on the new interface, please contact us via

CRIS Development & Support Team
Information Services