Open Access Week 21 – 27 October 2013

International Open Access Week

This week is International Open Access Week. It is the sixth year of this international event, which is held in order to promote awareness of open access and encourage wider participation by academics and researchers.

In the video below, The Euroscientist interviews Stephen Curry, Professor of Structural Biology at Imperial College, London, UK, and asks five questions about open access:

  1. What triggered the open access movement?
  2. How significant has the open access movement become since its inception?
  3. What do the main opponents of open access say about it?
  4. Where are the funds expected to come from to pay for open access publications?
  5. Do you anticipate that the open access phenomenon is a transition towards a more evolved form of publishing?


In his responses, Professor Curry discusses the benefits of open access, the role of publishers and scholarly publishing, funding for open access, and the rise (and usefulness) of journal Impact Factors.

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