Student BMJ Review by Rashmi Saincher


Students at SGUL can access the Student BMJ for free with their username and password. Learning Advocate Rashmi Saincher has written a short review of this e-journal, giving her reasons for why it is a useful resource for students.

Student BMJ

This is a special magazine that is tailored towards medical students and biomedical students that are interested in transferring. Published every month, each issue focuses on a different specialty (psychiatry, emergency medicine, GI, etc.) where articles are written by a mixture of healthcare professionals, academics, and students. The magazine contains a good balance of visual aids (cartoons, pictures, graphs/data) and the written content is varied with essays, interviews, and reviews. Articles’ subjects also tend to range from hearing different perspectives, new medications & research published, and more careers related information. Medical students have the opportunity to subscribe to the magazine for free in their first year, but after that they can have the option of either continuing to pay for the subscription or you can take advantage of the library’s subscription as well!

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I would recommend this magazine to medical students including biomedical students who are looking to transfer into medicine (it can especially help in interview preparation). Information is presented in a concise manner with few jargon that makes it easy and entertaining to read. Even the ads present useful resources that could help you with your studies. For students that are in group learning situations (CBL/PBL/SBL), the magazine can contain helpful resources of clinicians’ point of views, interesting cases that can add to your learning, or important information about treatment options that you can mention in your discussions. However the biggest asset of this magazine are the clinicians’ interviews, which can help provide more information when thinking about pursuing a career into that particular specialty. The magazine has a few current news articles as well relating to new research into the particular theme of the month. Similarly, the magazine also invites students the opportunity to write for the magazine (you can look at their website online for more information).

By Rashmi Saincher

Accessing Student BMJ

Access Student BMJ through Hunter – Select the ‘View Online’ tab, and then select the ‘Go’ button. If accessing offsite you will need to put in your SGUL username and password.