Three resources for students to check out

In response to the current Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, many academic publishers and providers of educational content have made all or parts of their collections temporarily, freely available for you to use via your George’s login.

You can find a list of all current databases available to support you in your learning here. We have highlighted the educational resources we think you might find particularly useful by putting them together under the tag “Online Learning and Teaching Resources”.

In this blog post, we highlight three of those and show you how to make the most of them.

JoVE (Journal of Visualised Experiments)

We subscribed to JoVE (Journal of Visualised Experiments) at the beginning of the current academic year. JoVE includes biology, immunology and infection, medicine and neuroscience. Our subscription also includes access to some parts of Science Education.

Currently, however, JoVE has made its entire collection of Science Education available to subscribers. In addition to clinical skills, JoVE has modules on biology, psychology and chemistry for example.

Access JoVE via the following link: Please you note that you still need to sign in with your St George’s username and password.

Screenshot of JoVE homepage
Homepage of JoVE

LWW Health Library

As a St George’s student, you have free access to the LWW Health Library until June 22 2020. You can access the library here with your St George’s username and password.

It includes key textbooks, thousands of videos, cases and questions for the following subjects:

  • Medical education
  • Occupational therapy
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical therapy
  • Physician Associate (core education and rotations)

LWW Health Library includes key textbooks for all of the above subjects, divided into the different topics important to you, for instance medical students might want to have a look at Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy or relevant introductions to clinical medicine.

Screenshot of the medical education page on LWW Health Library
Example of medical education in LWW Health Library

Considering the wide range of subjects covered, we are sure LWW Health Library is a great resource for most students at St George’s to check out. If you create a personal account, you can also take the quizzes for each of these topics and bookmark useful content.

E-book collections

In addition to the 5,000 e-books that you have access to normally, numerous publishers have made their collections temporarily available for free. You are able to find and access those via Hunter, as you would any other e-book.


You can access 256 titles in the ScienceDirect e-book collections here. Again, you need your username and password to access this collection.

Screenshot of how to filter for appropriate content in ScienceDirect
Filter for appropriate textbooks in ScienceDirect

To find the most appropriate textbooks for your course, you can filter the collection. Make sure to choose to select “books”. As a “domain”, you can choose for example:

  • Biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology
  • Immunology and microbiology
  • Medicine 
  • Nursing and health professions
  • Pharmacology, toxicology and pharmaceutical science

Please have a look at the ScienceDirect entry on our Databases A-Z list to find a list of all the titles you have access to.

Other e-book collections

Cambridge Core textbooks are also currently available for free for students (login required). You can find it on the Databases A-Z list, under the “Online Learning and Teaching resources” tab. Cambridge Core includes a small collection of healthcare related books, which you can find by selecting “Medicine” among the subjects and then filtering to see only books under content type. They have a good selection of nursing and mental health textbooks in particular.

Screenshot of example of nursing textbook in Cambridge Core
Example of nursing textbook in Cambridge Core

Also available through the Databases A-Z list is SpringerLink, another collection of e-books with many healthcare related content. You need to filter for books and English language. They include sub-disciplines for oncology, cardiology, neurology, internal medicine and imagine/radiology for example. So, this is one to check out for radiology students as well as MBBS students.

Person with long hair sitting at a table and writing

Our regular providers of e-books, Dawsonera and Ebook Central are currently allowing multiple concurrent users, so you will always be able to access the content you need when you need it.

Any more questions? As a little reminder, you also currently have access to some CPD courses on BMJ Learning for free. The courses cover Covid-19 treatment, Well being and clinical skills for fast-tracked students. All you need to do is create a personal account with them. You can do that here.

Have you got any questions around e-resources or how to make the most of them? Please email us at