Important announcement on ebook access via the Library

13 July 2020

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On 19 June 2020 Dawson Books announced that it had entered into administration. This means that the company will no longer continue to operate.

In recent years, the Library has purchased approximately 1400 ebooks via Dawson Books and end-users (e.g. SGUL students/staff; NHS staff etc) access this content through the Library via the DawsonERA platform. The administrators have recently announced that they are only committing to keeping this platform operational through to 31 July.

The Library is currently in negotiations with alternative ebook suppliers to transfer to them as many of its Dawson ebook titles as possible so that we can secure ongoing access. However, as you can imagine, every other UK university library is also organising to transfer its ebook titles from Dawson and, due to the sheer scale of the work required, alternative suppliers may not be in a position to transfer St George’s titles by the 31 July deadline. This means that during August and beyond you may find that you are unable to access some ebooks which you may have used up until now.

The Library will work towards making as many of our Dawson ebooks available via a new supplier throughout the remainder of July and into August. However, setting up this access via a new supplier may continue into September and beyond.

If you therefore find in the coming weeks that there is an ebook title you previously accessed via the library but which is now no longer available, please email the Library at and we will investigate what we can do. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.