Book Stock Delivery on Friday 15th June

Life in the library never stands still and tomorrow, Friday 15th June, we are expecting a big book stock delivery to add to our collection. The couriers will be delivering the books at around 12pm via the silent and quiet study areas. This means that there may be some disruption over lunch for a couple of hours. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience.



St George’s Library Christmas Closure Dates

The Library will be closing for the Christmas break at 5pm on Friday 22 December and will reopen at 8am on Tuesday 2 January.

The Computer Rooms next to the Library will be open 24/7 during this period but access to the building will require a valid ID card.

Christmas Closure Dates

Hunter – how to save items on your e-Shelf to a backup email list & restore from this list

Below are two sets of instructions:
– how to save any items on your e-Shelf to an email,  and then restore to your e-Shelf
– how to save any saved searches to a backup file, and then restore to your e-Shelf.

Save items on your e-Shelf to email:

  1. Log into Hunter
  2. Go to your e-Shelf
  3. Select the items ie books, articles etc that you wish to save
  4. Click Email option (top right of your e-Shelf items listing)
  5. In the Send by email popup window, enter your email address and click Send
  6. Very shortly, the email should be delivered to your inbox – check that all your items are listed

Restore items to your e-Shelf:

Please note that the only means to restore items is by searching for them in Hunter and saving to your e-Shelf. The backup email listing acts as a ‘reference’ list and also allows you to copy and paste bibliographic details for the item into Hunter in order find it again.  You should find that using the title details eg for a book or journal article, is an effective method to find the item.

Save your Hunter saved searches to a backup file:

Please note that it is not possible to ‘export’ your searches – the only means to keep a record is by copying and pasting each row into another file, such as an email or word document.

  1. Log into Hunter
  2. Go to your e-Shelf
  3. Click on the Searches tab
  4. For each of your searches, run the search
  5. You can then copy and paste each row of your search into another file

Restore searches to your e-Shelf:

Please note that the only means to restore searches is by copying and pasting the search details from your back up file, such as email or a Word document, into the Hunter Simple or Advanced Search, as appropriate.

  1. Log into Hunter
  2. Go to Simple or Advanced Search
  3. Copy your search details from your back up file into Hunter search
  4. Run the search
  5. Select Save Search, enter a name for the Search
  6. Select Save or Save & Alert (the Alert will run weekly and email you any new items)
  7. Click Save

If you have any queries please email

St George’s Library Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Closure Dates

The Library will close: 1pm Thursday 24 Dec 2015
The Library will re-open: 9am Saturday 2 Jan 2016

Library opening hours for  Sat 2 Jan and Sun 3 Jan 2016:
9am – 9pm (self-service only)

Research Enquiries Desk:
Closed from 21 Dec 2015 – Re-opens 4 Jan 2016.

Normal hours resume Mon 4 Jan (8am – 6am)

The computer rooms will be accessible throughout this period with a valid ID card.