Filming in the Library: Thursday 18th July

This Thursday 18th July, there will be a film crew recording a promotional video in the Library between 9.30am and 5pm.

While we’ll aim to keep disruption to a minimum, please be aware that the film crew and Library staff will be setting up equipment, recording interviews and moving throughout the study spaces and computer rooms throughout the day.

Expected disruption will include the closure of some spaces/services. Please note that:

  • The smaller Silent Study section will be closed to users between 8am – 10am
  • Printers in the main computer room will be switched off and unavailable for use between 11am – 12pm

Should you not wish to appear in the photographs or recordings, please ensure you sit in an area that is away from the view of the cameras. If you have any concerns about this, please speak to a member of Library staff on the day, or email Robert Harris, the Head of Digital Services on

New Self-Service Kiosks in the Library


We’re pleased to announce that in the new year, the Library will be installing new self-service kiosks which will make borrowing books quicker and easier. We’ll also be installing new book detection gates at the library entrance.

The works to install these new features will be carried out between 7th – 9th January 2019 and we anticipate that there will be some disruption during this period.

On Monday 7th January there will no entry to or exit from the Library through the main entrance – an alternative route through the main computer room will be available and signposted on the day.

Library users shouldn’t expect any disruption to borrowing or returning items during these works.

If you have any comments or questions about the, please email the User Services team at


PC Availability: you can now check with your mobile

Do you need to use a computer?

You can now check in advance and see if there are computers free in the following rooms:

Main Computer Room (Level 1, Hunter)

H1.8 and H1.9 (Level 1, Hunter)

H5.1 and H5.2 (Level 5, Hunter)

G2.1 (Level 2, Grosvenor)

Where can you find this information?

Computer availability is displayed on the plasma screen outside the Main Computer Room, and is also available through your mobile device by going to

mobilepcavailability screen
Check real time availability of rooms through your mobile device

Printer troubleshooting

If you find that you cannot print from a PC in the Library computer rooms this morning, please shutdown the computer completely and restart it.  This should clear the problem.

Remember there is a printer in each of the small computer rooms too and another 2 in the main Library. All of these can be used so you don’t have to queue for the 2 in the main computer room.

Reminder: Computer Room Conduct

As the Computer Rooms become busier with the start of term, please remember that the two smaller computer rooms (H1.8 and H1.9) on Level 1 in the Hunter Wing are  Silent Study Zones. Please help us  maintain an atmosphere which is conducive to studying and respect other people’s need to study in silence. The larger computer room (CR3) is a Quiet Study Zone and quiet/low volume conversation is permitted. Mobile phone conversations must be taken outside of these areas.

Library printing and photocopying unavailable on 17th August while new system is installed

Please be aware that the system for printing and photocopying will be changing this week.
Printing and photocopying facilities in the Library and Computer Rooms will be unavailable on Wednesday 17 August while the new system is installed.
The new system for printing and photocopying will enable you to:

  • Release print jobs quickly by swiping your ID card, or verifying your login details, at any of the printers/photocopiers in the Library and Computer Rooms.
  • Top-up online using a credit or debit card – minimum £5 online top-up.  Topping-up less than £5? Please ask at the Library Helpdesk
  • View your account balance online

For more information, please ask at the Library Helpdesk.