St George’s new email client – Outlook 365

SGUL has moved to Outlook 365 as our email platform so we’ve compiled some information about how to access your account and what to do if you have multiple Outlook 365 accounts.

Accessing your email

If you are onsite, our quick link at the bottom of the Library homepage will take you straight through to your email account without the need to log in.

If you are offsite you can still use the quick link on our homepage. It will direct you to a login page where you should enter your SGUL email address and password to access your email.

Off-site login page

What to do if you have multiple Outlook 365 accounts

Some of you may have realised that you use the Outlook 365 email platform for other email accounts, such as other institutional emails or perhaps a personal account.

To access alternative email accounts that use Outlook 365, both onsite and offsite, you can visit You will need to enter the email address you wish to access in full e.g. or and Outlook will identify the right login profile. At this point you could be redirected to a specific login page or the page may remain the same, in which case enter the associated password to gain access to that account.

Outlook 365 login page screencap

If you are already signed in to an Outlook 365 email account you may find that it keeps redirecting you to this account, rather than letting you sign into your alternative account. If this occurs, you should completely close the browser and re-open it before attempting to log in.


We recommend that you use Firefox where possible to log in to Outlook 365, especially if you are attempting to access alternative email accounts whilst on site.