Improved OvidSP search platform – goes live 2nd August at 3pm

OvidSP is a search platform, subscribed to by the University, which can be used to search major health databases such as Medline, Embase and PsycInfo.

OvidSP will switch over to the new interface on 2nd August at 3pm. Please note that the new version will retain all of your saved settings and customizations in your personal account.

Resource selection

To select or change the database you are searching (such as Medline or Embase) click on Ovid Resources to view the databases available to you through OvidSP.

Tip: Only select one database at a time.  It is possible to select multiple databases, but you will lose important features such as “map to subject heading” and those features unique to a database.

Reviewing results

“Sort by” now in the left-hand column.  New “Filter by” options are also available.

Printing, emailing and exporting your results

Managing your results is now much simpler. Instead of the Results Manager box, there are now just three buttons just above your search results for printing, emailing and exporting your results.

Features available with your personal account: My Workspace

A personal account in OvidSP allows you to save your searches (so you can re-run them later), set up alerts, annotate citations with comments and create collections of articles.  My Projects not only allows you to save article citation and abstract details but also text “snippets” and images from the full-text.

More information

See the Searching Healthcare Databases using OvidSP training guide on the Library Website for details on how to search and use the interface.

You can see the changes made by viewing this side-by-side comparison of the new and old interface (PDF 4.78MB).


Recent enhancements to OvidSP search platform for Health databases

On Tuesday 31st March, Ovid made several enhancements to its OvidSP search interface, including:

  • when emailing search results or exporting references to a reference management application, you can now include links to the article by checking “Include link to each record” in Results Manager, Results Format. This will make it quicker to retrieve the full text article, where available
  • Autoalerts now include an option to run quarterly
  • in Search Results, a link to the pdf for full text is provided, where available. This saves having to navigate to the article via the Full text link

A list of all the enhancements can be viewed here: