Copyright: What NHS staff need to know

CLA NHS England copyright- posterThe rules regarding copyright and knowing what you can legally copy can be confusing. Questions about copyright might arise when considering whether a journal club can print multiple copies of an article for members? Whether staff are allowed to distribute printed or digital copies of articles to other colleagues? How much of a book are you legally allowed to photocopy?

The CLA Licence for NHS staff in England is the licence that provides the terms for what NHS staff are allowed to photocopy, scan and share from most copyrighted print and digital works.

What is covered by the licence?

The licence allows individuals to make copies from almost everything which has been purchased, subscribed or donated to the NHS in England. There are a small number of excluded works, if you’re unsure if a work is covered by the licence then the best way to check is via the CLA’s Check Permissions tool

Who is covered by the licence?

The licence covers all staff working for or contracted by the NHS including primary and acute care staff, public health staff employed by local authorities, those working for DHSC arms’-lengths bodies and special health authorities, and those providing NHS-commissioned care such as Hospice staff. The licence also covers HEI students and staff who are on temporary or permanent placements with the NHS in England.

What can be copied under the licence?

  • 2 articles from a single journal issue or several articles from an issue if it is dedicated to a particular theme.
  • 1 chapter or 5% of a book (whichever is the greatest)
  • There are no restrictions on how many copies you can make, and you can make copies of copies too.
  • Digital copies can be stored – but they must be kept on your own PC or a secure network which you may share with colleagues.
  • Only single paper copies can be made for patients or carers

What can I share?

You may share print or digital copies with work colleagues covered by the licence including via email.

What else do I need to know?

You are obligated to protect the rights of copyright owners, to always copy within the limits of the licence and to always acknowledge sources of information when writing.

More information about copyright can be found at the Copyright Licencing Agency website

A poster is also available for staff to display next to photocopiers.

Or if you have any questions regarding the copying and sharing of copyrighted works for NHS staff please contact the NHS Liaison Team


Quick Start Library Guide: 3 – Printing and photocopying

There is a lot to information take in during your first week, so we have picked out 5 things you need to know about the Library and each day this week we will tell you about a different aspect of the Library service through our blog.


3 – Printing and photocopying

There are two printer/photocopiers available for you to use in the Library and and four in the Computer Rooms.
You have a combined printing and photocopying account which can be accessed using you SGUL ID card.

Registering your ID card

The first time you try to print/photocopy you will be asked to enter your SGUL username and password, do this (but don’t press login) and then touch your ID card on the card reader; this registers your card on the printing system and means that in future you can access your printing account by swiping your card at any printer/photocopier in the Library or Computer Rooms.
Printing/photocopying costs

 Cost per sheet A4 A3
Black and white 4p 7p
Colour 14p 21p

Note that all printing defaults to double-sided black and white.  If you need colour or single-sided you need to change the printer settings at your computer.

Topping up your account

There are three ways you can top up your account:

  • Using the online top-up at (debit or credit card, minimum £2) or use the Quick Link on the Library homepage
  • Using the cash-loader in Computer Room 3
  • Using the top-up terminal near the photocopiers (debit or credit card, minimum £2)

All of these methods also allow you check how much credit you have already.

For help printing or copying please ask a member of Library staff.

Returning students: transfer your flexicard credit before 31st October

If you are a returning student and have printing/photocopying credit on an old flexicard, the credit can now be transferred to your new printing/photocopying account.

Please take your flexicard to:
Media Services Reception
4th Floor Hunter Wing
9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Please note that this offer ends on 31 October 2011.  No refunds or transferrals will be given after this deadline.

New way to release your print jobs and photocopy

There is now a new way to release your print jobs and photocopy…you can now release your print jobs at any SGUL printer using quick swipe print-release using your SGUL ID card.

How to register your ID card for quick swipe print release*

  • Press the ‘User ID’ button on the screen of the device
  • Using the onscreen keyboard enter your network username and select ‘OK’
  • Then press the ‘Password’ button on the screen of the device
  • Using the onscreen keyboard enter your network password and select ‘OK’ (for capitals  select the ‘Shift’ button)
  • Just swipe your ID card over the card reader
  • Your card has now been registered.

Important – remember to log out: Select the Access button twice to log out

* not available to NHS staff. Please ask library staff for further information.

How to print

  • Select File and Print as normal.
  • Choose one of the following: Secure Mono Duplex or Secure Colour Duplex (double-sided is the default)

How to release printing on the new printers

  • Go to your nearest printer
  • Swipe your ID card over the card reader or, for NHS staff, enter your username and password on the screen (Please note: to use the swipe function, you must do a one-time registration of your ID card.)
  • Press the ‘My Print Jobs’ button on the left of the screen.
  • Press on the job you wish to print, or press ‘Select All’. Then press the blue Start button below the screen

Important – remember to log out: Select the Access button twice to log out

Library printing and photocopying unavailable on 17th August while new system is installed

Please be aware that the system for printing and photocopying will be changing this week.
Printing and photocopying facilities in the Library and Computer Rooms will be unavailable on Wednesday 17 August while the new system is installed.
The new system for printing and photocopying will enable you to:

  • Release print jobs quickly by swiping your ID card, or verifying your login details, at any of the printers/photocopiers in the Library and Computer Rooms.
  • Top-up online using a credit or debit card – minimum £5 online top-up.  Topping-up less than £5? Please ask at the Library Helpdesk
  • View your account balance online

For more information, please ask at the Library Helpdesk.