App Review: Dermatology: Medical Student Edition

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Quick Look Post

Name: Dermatology: Medical Student Edition

Publisher: British Association of Dermatologists

Devices: Available on Android (version 2.2+) and Apple unnameddevices

Other requirements: Requires 10MB of memory.

Tested on:  Lenovo P2

Available from: Google Play and the App Store, although the iOS version is currently being re-coded.

Price: Free

For: Anyone who wants to prepare for their YSKTs, OSCEs, or simply to explore dermatology.

  • Main Pros: Simple language, lots of pictures and a wide range of topics.
  • Main Cons: There could be more practice questions with varied pictures.

Type of Information:
Handy guides to clinical examinations, dermatology concepts, and different conditions. Exam preparation help with practice questions including how to describe lesions.


One of the most difficult points of dermatology is differentiating rashes and learning how to describe them. This app helps practice just that!

The dermatology app includes sections for learning and for examination preparation.

The learning section includes:

  • Basic concepts: Anatomy and physiology.
  • Essential clinical skills: How to take a dermatology history, how to do an OSCE style examination, and how to describe any lesions you might find.
  • Practical skills: Patient education, written communication, prescribing skills, and clinical examination/investigations.
  • Disease profiles: Emergencies, infections, cancers, common problems.
  • Management: Topical and oral.

The exam section includes:

  • Case scenarios
  • Picture quizzes
  • 113 randomized questions

This free app is very useful because of how simple and clear it is. Its folders are easy to navigate and ordered logically. The descriptions are relatively free of medical jargon, and any more difficult terms are accompanied by very indicative pictures. These pictures are used again in the practice questions. The rehearsal is helpful in making associations and has made even practice questions on other apps easier.  The British Association of Dermatologists designed this app for both medical students and junior doctors, and we can definitely see ourselves using it as a refresher on clinics or on the wards in our foundation years.

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Thanks again to Michelle Warncke for writing this review. Please note, all app reviews on this blog are subject to St George’s Library mobile resources disclaimer. Please take the time to read it carefully.


PathCAL – A pathology and pathophysiology e-resource

PathCAL is a Library subscribed resource with a wide range of tutorials on Pathology and Pathophysiology topics. Each tutorial within the resource outlines its target audience, who has written the content, when it was last updated and the objectives of the tutorial so you can assess if it’s right for your studies. PathCAL covers a wide range of topics from diagnostic techniques through to specific diseases.


The tutorials themselves guide you through the topic, though wider reading around the subject is essential, and has regular quizzes to test your knowledge. The quizzes vary between multiple-choice and short, written statements that you can benchmark against appropriate answers. Additionally, PathCAL has a range of images and photographs embedded in its tutorials to aid with understanding concepts and topics.

To access PathCAL you should go through the Library’s databases list and look for PathCAL. If you are onsite you can click through to get direct access to the resource, if you are offsite you will need to login using your University username and password. NHS staff also have access to this resource but only onsite using the computer rooms adjacent to the Library.

Free exam resources for junior doctors

image of students studying

MRCPass –

  • Notes on topics covered in MRCP Part 1
  • 130 MCQ questions
  • Bookmark questions
  • Choose questions by topic
  • Track statistics
  • Look back over wrong answers

Revise MRCP –

  • Covers MRCP Parts 1 and 2
  • Over 5,000 MCQs arranged by topic
  • Free to sign up
  • Past papers going back to September 2010 –

  • Over 1,800 MCQs with detailed answers
  • Updated with new information every day
  • Covers MRCP, MRCGP and PLAB exams

Exam Doctor –

  • Sign up for a free seven-day trial – there is an app if you pay for a subscription
  • Over 35,000 MCQs
  • Mock exam feature

Almost a Doctor –

  • Works like Wikipedia – put together by registered users but subject to quality control
  • Contains notes, mindmaps, flashcards and an OSCE checklist
  • Blogs from other junior doctors
  • Lots of notes on different topics

PassMed –

  • Notes on study skills, revision, history taking and clinical skills
  • Free – being created by a group of currently working junior doctors
  • Aims to cover material that is ‘hard-to-find’ in textbooks
  • You can download the entire web site as an app


Information reused with permission from Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Medical students: test your knowledge and win an iPad

OnExamination from BMJ Learning are currently running a competition Practice makes Perfect for medical students to test knowledge. You also have the chance to win an iPad. The competition ends at the beginning of March 2011.

OnExamination also have a range of revision materials for medical students. Those for freshers (ie first term) are free, but for subsequent years charges apply (typically £35 for 3 months access).