Resources you can access offsite

If you cannot make it in to St George’s Library over the summer, there are still many resources that you can access from a computer with internet access (logins may be required).

You can:

These resources are available to you all through the year.

Last year we also ran a ‘Summer Sites’ series  featuring interesting Libraries and Institutions that are linked with medicine or healthcare studies and research which you can visit. They may have useful study resources, fascinating museum displays or be housed in historic buildings. Included in the posts were details of nearby sights and attractions and we will suggest places where you can get a good snack, meal or cup of coffee to fuel your day*. We hope these will encourage you to go out and enjoy London this summer too.

*some details may be out of date, please always check details with the library or institution you intend to visit. Where available we have provide contact details and website URLs.